10 Best Iphone 7/7 Plus Cases You Could Lay Your Hands On

Go for the classic hard case or something unconventional with wood or marble cases for your latest iPhone.


Every iPhone owner knows that getting Apple’s latest gadget in his/her pocket is just half the journey. Yes, it might have taken “moving a few mountains” to get there, but even then your iPhone would never be complete without its soul mate to keep it company. To keep it cherished and protected, warm, cozy and well-taken care of every night you lay it on the table and go to sleep, your iPhone needs one of the best iPhone 7 cases that you can get your hands on.

Putting jokes aside, you know I am not kidding when I say that your $650 ($970 for iPhone plus) gadget needs stunning protection from the vagaries of daily life. An accidental drop because of an involuntary palm twitch, a torrential downpour from God’s watering can (called clouds by the serious people) or an overenthusiastic colleague “checking out” your phone can be the beginning of the end if you know what I mean. Considering how expensive the gadget is and keeping gadget preservation at the top of my concerns, I embarked on a noble quest to get the right “protection” for my fellow Netizens when you inevitably purchase one of the best phones on Earth.

Zeroing down on the best iPhone 7 cases (and 7 plus when it was released) was no easy task. There are no bad cases in the accessory world, though there is some that compromise on functionality. Over the course of a few months, I tried out close to sixty-seven cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus before narrowing down to this sweet collection. I forewarn you that most of these cases are not typical cases but are peculiar with unique features which can get your colleague to “check out” your case too!


With cutthroat competition in the market to deliver the best iPhone 7 cases, I found out that most brands lived up to the standards of the guidelines published by Apple for iPhone cases. Pretty simply, they stuck to building cases that ensured protection but did not hinder the phone’s operation.

Right from testing for looseness, to the standard 1-metre drop to test for integrity and shock absorption, the cases I have chosen to decorate this list of the best iPhone 7 cases have been shortlisted after great scrutiny.  Keeping suspense aside, I am going to declare two of the best cases I found that all iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users can benefit from.

For people who like to keep things simple but yet sleek and functional, I suggest the base grip case by Silk. I would go as far as calling it the people’s choice since it comes at a justifiable cost, performed well with my tastes and preferences, and I felt good. However, for being fair, I also vote the UAG monarch series as the premium choice for people who do not mind shelling out some money to get the best for their phones. However, the best iPhone 7 cases need not just the cases. I found some innovative designs that make your case also moonlight as a lot of other things! Read on to know more related to iphone 7 plus battery case and much more!

So on what basis did I choose these cases and the following list I am about to cover?

I tested all the cases I could lay my hands on with Apple’s guidelines for accessories. I also incorporated some more tests such as compatibility with third-party charging cables and dock cradles from a practical point of view. While Apple loyalists may find this unnecessary, I felt it is only best to consider all perspectives before compiling a list of the best iPhone 7 cases in the literal sense.

Here is a comprehensive list of tests I performed and parameters I checked on all the following iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases. The cases on this list more than satisfied these parameters, and also have unique traits on them which are the reason why they are the best iPhone 7 cases (with variants available for 7 Plus from the same brands).

Bulkiness Bulkiness or dead weight, as I would like to call it, is one of the most annoying things in a case. The cases that are needlessly bulky not only add weight to your phone but can also start being strenuous while handling. The cases in my list of the best iPhone 7 cases are borderline bulky at best and do not bring about unnecessary weight or strain while using the device.
Case tightness A phone should be a snug fit inside the case. It should not only sit well but should also not get ejected out of the case due to loose fitting when it is subjected to impact.
Shock absorption One of the most important parameters to be satisfied for being one of the best iPhone 7 cases is the ability to absorb mechanical shocks. A case must have a decent degree of absorbing impact related shocks so that the phone cocooned within it is least affected.
The Area covered An ideal case should cover every inch of the phone that is not used by the user to perform any functions. This also includes the Apple logo in the back. The only things that can be left uncovered are the screen and camera. Buttons can also have a protective, but not severe covering layer which can make operating them strenuous. The best iphone 7 case should incoprate such and other features.
Drop test The standard test to estimate the effectiveness of a phone case. I dropped the phone from a standard height of 1 meter with an edge facing down (and watched it drop 67 times with my heart in my mouth!). Any case that damaged by phone was immediately rejected.
Usability The best iPhone 7 cases in this list hinder the gadget usability in no way. Sleep and volume buttons are typically left uncovered in most cases or are severely covered in some cases making it hard to access and operate them. This list, however, has cleverly designed button coverings that not only protect surfaces from scratches but also enhances the feel of the buttons on the phone.
Third party accessories From a practical standpoint, it is impossible to splurge on genuine Apple accessories all the time. Some third party accessories are simply better. Most Lightning-to-USB cables have a larger plug size than Apple’s. This can make it hard for you to charge your phones, keeping the cases on them. The same applies for dock cradles. The best iPhone 7 cases get around this issue with great designs so that you do not have to take your case cover off, ever!
Wireless functionality Some cases made it this far only to fail the last test which was the wireless functionality. The iPhone should not get its wireless range (be it WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC or Cellular) inhibited due to the case material. I wanted to ensure that the phone functioned the same way in these terms with or without the case on it.


1. The People’s Champion - For the Simplicity Enthusiasts

The Base Grip case for iPhone 7 by Silk

  What I loved 
  • Keeps the phone super slim - zero bulkiness
  • Great side grips
  • Simplistic, elegant and lightweight design
  • Includes a scratch-resistant film

What could be improved

  • The grips existed only on the sides and not on the back. This can be a problem for people with small hands who need some grip on the back.
  • A little more sophistication in the overall looks cannot hurt
  • Seam between back panel and edge of the case can become a minor bother

Just face it! When you buy something, you ensure that you get the best thing out there, for the least price! You either bargain on the streets or secretly look for discount coupons online before buying something!

If you choose the Numero Uno product on my best iPhone 7 cases’ list, you would not have to go through any of these hassles! I found the Base Grip Case from Silk to be everything a case protecting a prized gadget should be, and nothing more. I was initially skeptical about the quality of the case for the price it comes at. However, I had to stuff my initial thoughts back into my brain when I laid hands on the case.

Besides passing every test, I could humanly subject the case to (because I was desperate to find a flaw in a cheap case!) I also asked opinions on its looks to a lot of my colleagues and friends. My fears were confirmed! They loved it for its minimalistic design, build quality and usability. I soon got pretty attached to the case and gave it a spot on my best iPhone 7 cases’ list because of the neat design silk has done on it.

The first thing you would notice is the great grip on it. On research, I found the material and design used on the side grips are patent pending and not some cheap knockoff. I found the case had air pockets on its edges for great shock absorption and covered the entire phone (including buttons) in an elegant and effortless manner. Available in Black Onyx, Blue Jade, Gunmetal Grey and Purple Orchid, the simplistic yet lightweight case is one of the best amongst the best iPhone 7 cases in the market.

2. The Premium Choice - Following Industrial Aesthetics

UAG’s Monarch Series

  What I loved:
  • Rock solid protection
  • Honeycomb traction grip and five layers of protection
  • Ten years limited warranty
  • Great color choice

What could be improved:

  • Case borders on bulkiness
  • Reports of UAG modifying old 6s cases with headphone jacks to clear stocks
  • Card slot in the back of the case is too hard to pry open

I would recommend the UAG Monarch Series to people who do not mind shelling out some extra money to ensure their iPhone 7 never lacks solid protection. The first words that came out of me were “WOW” when I got the case. It is what you would call, tough, rugged, durable, sophisticated and awesome looking rolled into one package.

The UAG Monarch made it to my list of the best iPhone 7 cases because it is designed to do what it should - Protect! The case is built of top grain leather and alloy metal and supposedly offers five layers of protection. True or not, I did find the case to be rock solid when subjected to the standard drop test and other impacts.

Another thing you would notice is the crispness that the case adds to the sleep and volume buttons. I swear even my naked phone could not bring about the level of comfort I found in operating the buttons. This is a feature that most other cases in my best iPhone 7 cases’ list can envy the Monarch series for.

One of my biggest fears while going for this case was whether it would cause inhibitions to camera performance owing to metal coatings which can cause flash glares. However, it seems UAG found a way around this problem too, and I was pleased to see the camera worked flawlessly. The case also provided a rock solid grip on the phone owing to the excellent texture design principles.

Another feature I loved was the discrete card slot available on some color variants of the Monarch series. It could hold a couple of my credit cards and some notes for quick shopping runs. This extra feature certainly gave the case a boost in my best iPhone 7 cases’ list.

3. The Wooden Breath - For Nature Lovers

NeWisdom Wood Case

What I loved:

  • A great case with an excellent degree of shock absorption
  • Can be a thoughtful gift
  • Keeps the phone slim
  • Phone can be switched on/off easily

What could be improved:

  • The case has a limited degree of flexibility
  • The sides were a bit too smooth for me to get a good grip on
  • Needs a screen protector for actual shatterproof protection

I have always had a soft spot for innovations, and NeWisdom’s Wooden case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has earned a spot among the best iPhone 7 cases for its uniqueness. With some materials being used to manufacture phone cases, right from plastic to alloy metal, I was surprised by NeWisdom’s choice of material - Wood.

Out of curiosity, I decided to test the case and see if it fits into the list of the best iPhone 7 cases and I was surprised to see that it does. NeWisdom has chosen a hybridized material that uses rubber on the inside and real hardwood on the outside. I found the case had excellent shock absorption capability because the wood not only provided strong outer protection but also successfully transmitted it to the rubber layer which distributes it evenly and nullifies the force of contact. The case also has button coverings that accentuate them and give it easier operability like some of the other best iPhone 7 cases.

The NeWisdom Wooden Case also has the option of adding a personal touch. Being made of hardwood leaves, I found that you can laser engrave your name on the back of the case. This, also makes it a thoughtful gift for any of your friends rummaging for a case for their iPhone 7 or 7 plus.

4. Marble Beauty - For rock like support
CLIC Marble

What I loved:

  • Lightweight and unique design
  • An elegant and a classy look
  • Great grip on the sides

What could be improved:

  • The marble on the back is ultra smooth offering no grip which can be a problem for people with small hands
  • The case needs a bit of work put in for maintenance

The CLIC Marble is yet another iPhone case with a different take when it comes to choosing protective layers. If you found NeWisdom's Wood Case as a potential replacement for your rubber cases, then CLIC has something else to offer. I found this case out by reference from my friends and decided to check for myself if the claims were true. Yes, it was. The CLIC Marble is a case fashioned out of a thin layer of white/black marble!

I was initially concerned about the weight and bulk it could add to your phone. However, when I finally got it in my hands, I was astonished to see how lightweight and cleverly designed the case was. Once it passed my standard tests, I instantly took it aboard my list of the best iPhone 7 cases. On research, I found that CLIC uses just the right amount of marble needed for protection and the classy finish, but not excessive to make it heavy and bulky.

Besides being a rock (literally!) when it comes to device protection, the great design put into the product makes it a head turner at work. There are very few cases that can keep things this simple and yet garner the visual appeal that I found the CLIC Marble had. This is another reason for the case to be one among the best iPhone 7 cases.

5. The Kickstand case - For Movie Lovers
Spigen Kickstand Case

What I loved:

  • Excellent innovation with the kickstand that makes movie viewing a pleasure
  • Great degree of Shock absorption
  • Front faced tunnel design for sound projection
  • Removable outer layer

What could be improved:

  • The case has a cut-out at the back showing the Apple logo, which is unnecessary and susceptible to scratches.
  • Mic sounds a bit muffled.

I must admit it. I did not buy the iPhone 7 Plus from Apple for just calling my friends or clicking pictures. I bought it for the 5.5-inch screen that can give my laptop some reprieve when it comes to watching movies. With most cases out there (despite being the best iPhone 7 cases), I found I must awkwardly prop up my iPhone against some surface or just hold it for as long as the movie played. Besides being risky and strenuous, this also gave some weird viewing angles that I was just too lazy to correct.

Imagine my surprise when I found out about the Kickstand case from Spigen, engineered for movie lovers like me! I wanted to see for myself if the case was as good as the reviews said, and found out it was. This not only made it a constant companion for weeks but also gave it a spot among the best iPhone 7 cases for its practicality and uniqueness.

The case has two layers - a TPU shell and a hard PC casing. The kickstand can be found on the outer hard case, which is removable, though I would not advocate taking it off. The case offers solid shock resistance and has air cushions on the edges to absorb impact. The overall grip texture was great, and I found the buttons to be well accentuated with the case on them. The case supposedly offers military-grade protection, which I took the liberty to test out. I dropped my phone quite a few times in all kinds of angles and found the case and phone intact, just as the best iPhone 7 cases are expected to be.

6. The Leather Wallet - For the businessman
Doc Artisan Sport Wallet v6

What I loved:

  • Rubberized button protection
  • Great grip and shock absorption
  • Inner wallet with thumb slider
  • Intricately designed prop stand

What could be improved:

  • Being made of genuine leather, I found the case to become a bit soggy when wet.
  • Despite offering good protection against impacts, the rounded edges feel a bit lacking when it comes to supporting the device.

The best iPhone 7 cases in my perspective are those cases which do not compromise on device functionality, offer great protection and have their features to add to the overall experience. The Sport Wallet v6 from Doc Artisan is exactly all these things.

I found the case to simply be elegant in terms of design and super innovative in terms of functionality. Different from some of the best iPhone 7 cases I have quoted on my list, I found the Doc Artisan Sport Wallet v6 to be a flip case which offers great protection to your screen when not in use. The case also has a wallet on the inner surface of the flip cover which can hold a few credit cards and cash.

What sets the Sport Wallet v6 apart from the conventional flip cases is the magnetic case back which lets the phone stick to any metal surface if you take off the leather cover. Another added functionality with the leather case is the well-designed phone stand cleverly built into the leather cover. This allows you to prop up your phone on the case with a comfortable viewing angle, which made my Skype calls and movie viewing experience a breeze. The Sport Wallet v6 is easily one of the best iPhone 7 cases out there.

7. Crystal Clear - For the Transparency lover

X-Doria Impact Pro series

The Pros

  • The splash of color on the edges looks great
  • Slim and stylish
  • Excellent degree of shock absorption

The Cons

  • The volume buttons seem a little flimsy.
  • The back of the case is excessively smooth and clear with no grip.

The reason why I strongly detest cut-outs to show the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 7 is because it can leave the phone surface needlessly exposed. Transparent covers have been engineered for this very purpose without compromising on surface protection. One of the best iPhone 7 cases is the X-Doria Impact Pro Series, engineered for people who want to show the world that they are a class apart without risking the onslaught of unnecessary scratches.

The case is 90% transparent and the 10% that isn’t is the extra layer of PolyOne lining on the edges to protect against impact shocks. Far from being painstakingly transparent and monotonous, the Impact Pro cases add a splash of color on the edges. This not only gives the phone a classy finish but also brings it in the league of the best iPhone 7 cases with sophistication as an added perk.

Despite having three protective layers to shield from involuntary drops at the most challenging angles, the case still makes the phone appear stylishly slim. I found the volume button coverings to be slightly fragile, but the case is not a big compromise on quality for the price it comes at. The overall button tactility is, however, great, and I would recommend the case for people looking for the best iPhone 7 cases with transparency as a factor.

8. The Battery Backer - For the Nomad

Apple Smart battery case

What I loved:

  • The battery backup feature
  • Ideal for travelers
  • Great button tactility
  • Good grip and protection against impact shocks

What could be improved:

  • Expensive
  • Design is too simplistic
  • Incompatibility with third party cables

The Apple Smart battery case is everything that Apple stands for - simplistic innovation and functionality. The smart battery case from Apple was one of the cases I was itching to try on my iPhone 7, and it hardly disappointed. Despite using my phone moderately on regular days, I wanted to try the case out from a traveler perspective. Besides doing everything that a phone case would do, the case also worked as an exclusive power bank (in the sense of speaking) on my phone prolonging its overall uptime by a significant amount of hours. This is arguably one the best iPhone 7 cases for this simple yet significant feature.

The case has a microfiber lining on the inside to absorb shock on impact and a hard silicone cover on the outside textured for a great grip. Being manufactured by Apple, I found it does not quite sit well with third party cables and dock cradles. However, if you are an Apple enthusiast and frequent traveler, then I would suggest the battery backup case as one of the best iPhone 7 cases you could go for.

The overall case design is minimalistic and elegant. However, the little bump on the back might be seen critically by a few people as an aesthetic flaw. Personally, I find the bump especially helpful for people with little hands as it provides something to hold onto if you cannot get your fingers on the phone always.

9. A solid grip - For the sweaty palms

Speck Presidio Grip

What I loved:

  • Rubberized ridges for a better grip
  • Great shock absorption
  •  Zero bulkiness

What Could be improved:

  • I found the color on the ridges to begin fading/peeling off after a few days
  •  Material feels a little cheap for the price
  • Slightly expensive

One of the biggest flaws even with the best iPhone 7 cases in the market is that they take users for granted. Most cases offer good grips consistent with the fact there will be little to no moisture on our hands. However, I know a few friends of mine who have spent some considerable money switching cases to find the right fit for them because of their sweaty palm issue. The Speck Presidio Grip is a great solution in this perspective.

To test the case, I humbly handed it over to one of my friends with the said issue. I asked him to check it out for a week and see if it did provide a solution to his inadvertent dropping of the phone due to sweaty palms.

I now quote his experience after a week’s trial:

“This is one of the best iPhone 7 cases I have ever come across. I have only dropped my phone twice this week compared to the dozen times I usually do with some of the other seemingly ‘best iPhone 7 cases’. It offers a solid grip, and my phone did not crack even when I dropped it. So……… Can I keep it?”

The case offers rubberized ridges all over the surface that give a great hold on your phone. It is also considerably slim and borders on zero bulkiness. I found the button tactility to be great and the shock absorption to be in standards with some of the best iPhone 7 cases on this list.

10. The Sleek Shroud- When slimness counts

Caudabe Veil

What I loved:

  • The ultra slimness quotient
  • The matte finish
  • Elegant look and design

What could be improved:

  • Low impact resistance
  • Open bottom can lead to scratches and cracks

In my survey of what people prefer to see in their cases, I found out that many people stress on the slimness factor. They want their case to be an angelic shroud that just wraps around their phones but does not add weight or bulk to the device. Since most of the best iPhone 7 cases I covered today do not stress greatly on the slimness factor, I decided the last of the best iPhone 7 cases should be devoted to this cause.

The Caudabe Veil is just what its name says. It more or less feels like a veil with a matte finish that wraps around the phone and just sits tight keeping it protected from scratches and minor bumps. However, I would not go as far as dropping the phone on an edge from a height of 1 meter since the case does not look like it has a great deal of shock resistance.

While this is definitely a setback from some of the best iPhone 7 cases I have covered here, the fact that the case is the slimmest in the market and caters well for people looking for an existent but the non-existent (if you get what I mean) case.


I know that it seems an awful lot like I only stressed on the best iPhone 7 cases and not the iPhone 7 plus cases. However, this is simply because of two reasons:

1. All the brands offering the above iPhone 7 cases also offer iPhone 7 plus variants which are equally consistent in quality (since I tested them out I can vouch for it)

2. The major differences in structure between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the added camera and the bigger screen size. Since design principles and structure remains almost the same when it comes to the cases, everything I observed for the iPhone 7 cases holds true for the iPhone 7 Plus variants as well.

Keeping the above stated in mind, I would like to say that out of all the cases I reviewed, 80% of them were an inch close to making it to the best iPhone cases list. The only reason why they fell short was because I found them lacking in certain standards or quality that could go a big way when you count on these cases to offer protection to an expensive gadget.

The best iPhone 7 cases that you could lay your hands on would undeniably be the Base Grip Case by Silk and UAG’s Monarch series from a budget perspective and a luxury perspective. However, even these cases have a few flaws though they do not border on being fatal.

That being said, none of the cases here are invincible and have a certain lifetime though they are the best iPhone 7 cases (and 7 Plus cases) in the market. With the right amount of care and caution, these cases can last you and your device a long time and leave you supremely satisfied.

I also found there are some great cases coming into the market that can replace the list of the best iPhone 7 cases that I have compiled now. I will do my best to keep this space updated so that you can get the best out of what’s in the accessory world for your prized possession.