Best Tips On Black Tie Optional Formal Wear

The black tie and tuxedo are a classic look that every man finds classy and powerful. The outfit is usually worn during occasions, and it has an effect of making a man look elegant. Whether it is a wedding, cocktail, or dinner, the black tie is a testament to the refined man who has a hold over his life. The attire is a favorite of many men across the world.

There are many events that call for the guests to dress in the black tie. That means that as the modern man, you should have one in your closet. If not, you should know where to get the best deals so that you can save more every time. Consider the following tips about the black tie formal wear.




Tux Trousers

The trouser is a key component of the black tie attire. The trouser should be tailored to perfection, and you should also ensure that it is hemmed. The trouser and the jacket should also match and it should be neither too short nor too long, just the right fit.


Tux Jacket

The jacket is crucial to complete the black tie attire. Most people go for the traditional black jacket, but others have re-defined this look with elegant velvet jackets.

Ensure that the jacket fits well to your frame. Labels on the tux jacket enhance the look and make the shoulders look broader.


Tux Bow Tie

The bow tie is an elegant piece of the black tie attire. It completes the look in an elegant way. The bow tie should match the color of the tux. However, you can add some excitement with bow ties that come in other colors. In this case, ensure that bow tie has the classic colors.




Tux Shoes

Shiny patent shoes are the standard for the black tie attire.