Buyer's Guide for Choosing the Best Life Jackets for Toddlers

It is extremely useful to have a life jacket when you are in the water. The importance of the life jacket cannot be stresses enough. Adults are not the only ones who should wear life jackets; toddlers too should wear this safety clothing. If your young one decides to go into the water, you should ensure that your kid has a life jacket. So now that your kid has decided to have some fun in the water, you need to know what guidelines to follow when buying a life jacket for the kid. Follow these guidelines and let your kid be safe in water.

The Age

Your kid's age will influence the kind of life jacket that you buy. Usually, there are categories for infant life jackets and children's life jackets. Following these specifications, you can make an informed decision on the best life jacket. Most Infant life jackets have a Type II rating. This rating ensures that the life jacket has a float collar or a head pillow.

The Fit

Children grow rapidly. This means that the life jacket that you bought last summer might not fit any longer. Ensure that your kid fits well into the life jacket. Let it not be too big neither too small.

The Features

Life jackets for kids are designed differently with extra features for safety. Ensure that the life jacket has a crotch strap which helps to prevent the jacket from slipping off. To help you have a hold on your kid, the jacket is designed with a grab-loop.

The Rating

Most kids' life jackets have ratings that are used for different things. If your kid doesn't know how to swim, choose life jackets with a Type I or Type II rating. If the kid knows how to swim, then go for a life jacket that has a Type III rating.