Choosing the Best Bottle Cutter for a Clean Cut

Looking for an easy to use bottle cutter, look no further. Kinkajou bottle cutter is the best bottle cutter around. Cleanly cut your bottlesfor all the various brands of bottles available in your house and also the market.

The kinkajou bottle cutter is currently available in deep black (black/blue) color and it comes with its accessories to help you cut your bottles. This bottle cutter helps you recycle your bottles at home. The bottles can be turned into personalized glassware, candle holders, lamps and vases among many other useful items in the house.

Kinkajou helps you achieve that clean glass separation which eliminates the chance of you hurting yourself when one uses low quality methods. Avoid splintering your bottle when cutting by using the kinkajou bottle cutter which is the perfect tool to help you in recycling your bottles and keep your favorite bottle brands in your home.

The kinkajou bottle cutter can cut over 200 bottles without the need for you to replace its blade and can cut bottles from 43mm to 102mm in diameter. With a weight of 1.3 pounds, this bottle cutter is easy to hold up in your hands without getting tired quickly.

Kinkajou bottle cutter has accessories for that clean finish to your bottle. Sandpaper is one of the accessories included. Sandpaper helps finish off glass by making it smooth by removing any sharp edges that were there. There are also separation ties included. These separation ties help you make a cleaner separation when cutting using the kinkajou bottle cutter.

The kinkajou bottle cutter is rated the best in its category in the best sellers ranking. It is simple to use and also easy to store. The kinkajou bottle cutter has a perfect score line, this is essential for a clean glass separation. It helps you get that clean glass that you will use to personalize your space at no extra costs.

Kinkajou bottle cutter is available on amazon for your purchase and shipping at affordable prices. Easily get this bottle cutter easily on amazon and get it shipped to you.