Handy Points to Consider When Using a Heart Rate Monitor During Exercise

There are a lot of benefits when you use the heart rate monitor during exercise. The monitor becomes your companion in performance. It helps you to know when you need to slow down and when to speed things up. That said. What are the main things that you need to consider when you are using the heart rate monitor so that you get the best from it? Use the tips below and get the best form the heart rate monitor.

Regular Re-testing

The maximum heart rate that you have set on the heart rate monitor may change overtime. A host of factors are responsible for the fluctuations, like diet plan, weight and fatigue. Try adjusting the max heart rate every three months or so.

Don't Hurry to Keep Up With the Heart Rate Zone

Some athletes think that the best way to reach the heart rate zone is by increasing the level of activity drastically. For example, when you fall below the heart rate zone while running, don't make a dash to return to the zone. Go easy, just increase the level of activity gradually and you will soon reach the zone again.

Lower the Heart Rate Zone When Feeling Low

During those low performance moments, you can lower the heart rate training zone a little. The importance of this is so that you can still enjoy fitness without subjecting your body to fatigue.

Heart Rate Zones are Key

If you want to get the best from the heart rate monitor, use the heart rate zones. This setting on the monitor ensures that you don't train too much and also that your body will not be fatigued. The heart rate zones will keep you within the right performance level.

Find Your Own Maximum Heart Rate

Each person has a different heart rate zone. It is best that you find your heart rate so that you can know what heart rate zone to set.