How to easily get an amazon prime refund

The moment you sign up for amazon prime, your membership is set to renew automatically at the end of the membership period you have chosen for yourself. This auto renewal can be turned off any time during your free trial period, such that you will have to manually renew your membership if you want to. All the subscriptions that are tied to your membership will not renew once you have finalized on ending your amazon prime membership.

If you want to end your amazon prime membership, here is how you go about it

First, go to manage prime membership

Here you will get to sign in into your amazon prime account. To cancel your paid amazon primemembership, go to end membership and your prime membership will be canceled. In this instance, paid members who have not used their benefits are eligible to a full refund. You also cannot receive a refund if one of the household members have placed an Amazon prime eligible order

When you are on Amazon prime free trial, all you have to do is click on Do not Continue. In the instance that you don't cancel your Amazon prime free trial, you will automatically continue to a paid membership. This will happen at the end of your trial period.

The date that shows the end of your trial period is listed on the left hand side of your manage your prime membership page. Amazon Prime benefits will still be available to you until it gets to your end of trial date.

Read on our terms and conditions to get to know if you are eligible for a refund on your Amazon Prime membership. Amazon may choose to terminate your prime membership at its discretion without giving any notice. This may happen in the instance you have failed to meet our terms and conditions.

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