How to ensure the safety of cups in a dishwasher

There are so many of your utensils that you cannot use with your dishwasher and it is important that you are informed on which ones are safe and which ones are not so that you do not cause damage to your dishwasher or your cups.

Cups that cannot be put into a dishwasher require manual cleaning. Some people do not like manual cleaning and will therefore opt to only purchase cups or utensils that are dishwasher safe. It is very easy to know utensils that are dishwasher safe.

Every utensil that can be used with a dishwasher is usually indicated as such in the product description. Checking this every time you are out to purchase utensils is important. There are a number of cups from example that are safe for dishwasher use and others that are not.

Simple ceramic cups

These cups do not have a lot of science to them, they are simple and all corners of the cup can be easily reached. This can be put in when you are loading your dishwasher as they will be cleaned. Ensure that you have also made sure that the manufacturer approves the cups for dishwasher use.

Measuring cups are also termed as simple and will fit right in to your dishwasher. This are dishwasher safe as well. Even without the manufacturer's recommendations, you can clean any measuring cup in your dishwasher as long as it is not a metallic cup.

Travel mugs

This kinds of mugs are much more complex and should not be used with a dishwasher. Any travel mug that keeps warm or cold is a huge risk that you will be taking when putting it into your dishwasher. You will either suffer a poorly cleaned mug, a broken dishwasher or a broken mug which are all risks that you can avoid by ensuring that you read the cleaning instructions for the mug.

Dishwashers help to reduce the workload of cleaning so many utensils but will not be able to clean them all. This will therefore require manual cleaning of a select few. This does not mean that your dishwasher is not useful.