How to Increase Your Running Speed with the Nike Airmax 2018 Running Shoe

A sprinter is built and lives for speed. That is what makes the blood rush through his veins. Increasing speed is the daily ambition of most athletes. Just like the athlete, the Nike Airmax 2018 running shoe is crafted for speed. This shoe will give you the best performance on the track. When you need to keep that balance and burst forward, the Nike Airmax 2018 running shoe will be there with you every step of the way. So you want to increase your speed so that you can be the first to touch the finish line? Here are some handy tips that you can use.

The Gradient

Use a gradient to increase your speed. Running up the gradient will help you to build muscle power that you need to make those short bursts of speed. Running downhill helps you to gain stability and coordination. You will also develop a longer stride.

Pull Heavy Obstacles

Tie a robe around your waist and attach onto a heavy drag. Pull this drag while trying to jog. This technique helps to increase your back leg's extension and to drive the knees in a forward motion. Make sure that you wear the Nike Airmax 2018 running shoe that will give you the best traction and stability.

The Stride Length

An athlete who has a long and powerful stride will outsprint his peers. This is because the long stride covers more ground. If you want to increase your speed, focus on the length of your stride. You can achieve this by undertaking triple jump exercises. The Nike Airmax 2916 running shoe will enable you to spring forwards and achieve the longest stride length for a faster run.

The Posture

Get the right posture while running. The right posture allows the athlete to o against the wind without much difficulty. Use the Nike Airmax 2018 running shoe to achieve a blend of the right balance and posture.