How to Match Apple Watch Bands with the Colors of Your Outfits for Men

Wearing nice clothes but failing to blend the colors is a catastrophic fail. Every time you choose and outfit from your closet, you need to consider the colors that you will pair the outfits with. This applies to watch bands too. The modern man has embraced technology and fashion with great success. The Apple watch has become the choice of many men nowadays. If you are one of these men, you need to know the best way to match the Apple watch bands with your outfits for a classy look. Use the tips below.



Brown Apple Watch Bands with Brown Belt

If your Apple watch has brown leather straps, match this cool color with a brown belt. This will work very well especially when you are dressed formally. Tuck in the shirt to reveal the brown leather belt. Then slide your hand in the pocket revealing the brown straps. You can also add some excitement by having a brown phone cover.



Black Apple Watch Bands with Black Shoes

If you prefer darker colors, black Apple watch bands will be the best for you. This pairing can work for all men's dress codes. For the casual man, go all black by getting a pair of black slip-on sneakers, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Pair this with the black Apple watch bands for a stylish finish.



Golden-Brown Apple Watch Bands with Brown Pocket Square

For the man who wants to look suave and dapper, a suit coupled with a pocket square will make a real fashion statement. If you decide to go the suit way, you will have to ensure that the colors blend well. Golden brown is a nice color that shows passion and energy. Choose a golden-brown calf Apple watch band for this look. Then let this match with the pocket square. If you would like to add some more color, you can add an orange tie to spice things up.