How to Wear the Ivanka Trump Hettie Sandals with Dresses and Skirts

Ladies know that sandals are an absolute must-have for all occasions. The versatile nature of these classic shoes makes it easy to pair them with almost any outfit. It doesn't matter what you like to wear mostly.

The Ivanka Trump Hettie sandals are what every woman should get. Whether it is pants, dresses, shirts or skirts, these sandals will complement your look and you will feel confident and sassy as you wear them. Try matching them with these outfits for a classy look.



Ivanka Trump Hettie Sandals with Denim Skirt

If you want to bring back the feel of the 70's, then try pairing the denim skirt with wedge-shaped Ivanka Trump Hettie sandals. Add a nice top and a shoulder bag, and you will take us back into the golden age.



Ivanka Trump Hettie Sandals with Maxi Dress

Feel the freedom that comes when you wear a maxi dress and the Ivanka Trump Hettie flat sandals. Invite the summer passion into your life with this great look. You can add a nice summer hat on top and some accessories to accompany the look. If you feel extra confident, you can dress in a crop top to show off your flat belly.



Ivanka Trump Hettie Sandals with Midi Skirt

The midi skirt is a great outfit for summer. Get a pair of Ivanka Trump Hettie heel sandals and a bright midi skirt. Add a chambray shirt that you can tuck in or any other top and you will be ready to rock the summer! A bonus tip here is to go for bright colours for the skirt and heels.



Ivanka Trump Hettie Sandals with Short Dress

Get a nice pair of Ivanka Trump Hettie gladiator sandals and pair this with a short dress, like the little black or white dress. The result is an absolute sassy lady who is aware of the current fashion trends.