New Ideas in 2018 on How To Dry Your Sneakers Faster

Most sneakers are made from materials that can get wet easily, especially on the inside. Wet sneakers are no joy to wear. They are heavy and cold. If you wear them as they are, there is a great risk of bacteria growing inside the shoes, which might in turn cause a bad smell in the shoes. We have all been in situations where we needed the sneakers to dry faster so that we could wear them sooner. We have come up with new ideas that you can use so that your sneakers can dry quicker.

Use Paper Towels

If you want your sneakers to dry faster, paper towels can be the best solution. For best results, use many paper towels. Ensure that your sneakers are clean before drying them. If they are clean, stuff paper towels inside your shoes and leave them overnight. Check in the morning to see if they are dry enough.

You can also use newspaper for this method. Stuff newspaper balls in your sneakers and also wrap the outside of the sneakers with newspaper. Leave overnight and check in the morning.

Use Hair Dryer

The hair dryer can work very well to dry your sneakers faster. This works best for canvas sneakers. After you clean the sneakers, place them on a table and blow them dry with a hair dryer. Your sneakers should be dry within a short time.

The Clothes Dryer

Use the clothes dryer to dry your sneakers really fast! If you decide to use this method, you will have to ensure that the shoes are clean and they are not made of leather or gel soles. Place the shoes against the dryer door and let the shoelaces loop above the dryer door. Close the door and turn the dryer on. Leave for a cycle of about 1 hour and check after each cycle.

The Fan

Hang your wet sneakers facing the fan and let it run on medium to high. Check after 3 hours.