Why You Should Get Xbox One Game Console on Amazon

Xbox one is the advanced model that came after the Xbox 360. It is a video game console that is so reliable and great to use for all your gaming needs. It is just like the Xbox 360 in its make but is set apart by the little additions and tweaks added to its layout.



Features of Xbox one

The Xbox one video game console has a smoother form than the 360 model, it also has a four way directional pad. The controllers for this gaming console has lighting technology that helps ease tracking and pairing. When you are not using the Xbox one, it is programmed to detect this and revert to low power usage modes that help in saving power.

The console has a USB port that allows it to be able to charge and operate without using its own battery power. It is compatible with windows 7. It also contains two analog sticks and paddles for better gaming experience. The design of the Xbox is stylish and inviting as it gives an entertaining feel.

The Xbox one console uses AMD processing unit, quad core and operates at 1.7 GHZ. It has a RAM of 8GB. You get 32 MB of embedded static. The hard disk is built in and non-replaceable with plenty of storage space for your gaming and entertainment. The controls are easy to use and provide comfort and class.

Xbox one video game console has two ports that allow you to source from external hard drives. This will enable you to expand the storage space if and when you fill up the provided storage space. The only external drives supported must however be more than 256 GB and support USB 3.0.



How to get it on amazon


The amazon experience is easy, all you do is look for the Xbox one that you want and pick it out. Amazon provides information and the pricing of the Xbox one plus the shipping fee so that you are able to plan your budget. Once you add to cart and check out the Xbox one, all that is left to do is pay and start using the console that is delivered at your doorstep.